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Braintied – Free Thematic Child Theme

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Here’s the first resurrected theme released on Theme Lab. Originally designed by Small Potato back in 2007, I ported it to the Thematic theme framework. It now includes features such as threaded comments as well as many features inherited from the parent theme, Thematic, such as new markup.

Braintied screenshot


As always, remember how to install a WordPress child theme. You will need both Thematic and the Braintied child theme uploaded to your themes directory. Just activate Braintied.

  • Iva

    This could look really awesome with custom post types, e.g. for us who are intending to make a list of songs or gigs on a music-related website. Thank you so much for resurrecting it. :)

    • Leland

      Hey Iva, no problem. That sounds like a cool idea about the custom post types. I really like how this theme’s posts are output in more of a list format so it could work for a number of things.

  • FurfurRising

    I’m thinking this would make a pretty good “mobile” compatible theme.

    Nice Work Leland

    • Leland

      Good thinking, I haven’t really done anything to make it mobile-friendly though. But I’m sure even as-is it would look great on the iPhone, for example.

      • FurfurRising

        it doesn’t look too bad using a windows mobile phone, a little wide though, probably nothing using the xhtml mobile profile won’t fix