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Bluish – Free WordPress Theme

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Today we have a very clean theme designed by Anto, which I then coded into XHTML/CSS and ported to WordPress. It’s a two column theme that uses only two images (not including the logo). Everything else is CSS-based, which makes it very easy to modify colors and such. More on this will be gone over below. This is coded for WordPress 2.7+ only and has features like threaded comments and comment pagination. It also has a widget-ready sidebar.

Bluish screenshot
Live Demo | Download

And now onto the color schemes and logo image…

Want More Color Schemes?

Like I mentioned above, this theme only uses two images. Those are the 1 pixel wide gradients in the post and sidebar headings called p-heading.gif and s-heading.gif. Everything else can be edited in the CSS, which makes it very open to color customizations.

Anto and I decided that it would be cool to include new color scheme stylesheets and integrate them into a future version of this theme. So how do you suggest new color schemes? Two ways:

  • Submit a stylesheet along with two 41×1 gradient images for the post and sidebar headings. E-mail me if you want to send this as an attachment
  • Simply suggest which colors you’d like to see in the comments of this post.

We’ll then create and include the best color schemes in a new version of the theme, which you would be able to select in a theme options page, similar to one of our other Anto-designed themes, QuadStripe.

Changing the Logo

Included in the theme is a PSD file where you can change the text of the logo. If you would rather have a text-based logo, simply comment out the lines between <!– Start Image Logo –> and <!– End Image Logo –> in the header.php file, and then uncomment the line with the h1 tag. You should have something like this:

<h1><a href="<?php echo get_option('home'); ?>/"><?php bloginfo('name'); ?></a></h1>


Hope you all like the theme. Again, please let us know any new color scheme suggestions so we can create the stylesheets and bundle them into the next version of the theme.

  • Anto

    Come on guys, leave some feedback? It takes 2 seconds out of your time, for something in return. Even if its just to say you like or dont like the theme.

  • cuteegirlee

    I did but it never got published?

  • Leland

    @cuteegirlee: Hmm…strange. I just double checked Akismet and didn’t see any comments from you there.

    You already have an approved comment here so you shouldn’t get moderated unless it’s flagged as spam for some reason.

    Would you mind posting it again?

  • cuteegirlee

    No probs… it may have been trouble at my end.

    I’m not sure if you want to hear this but I sort of asked whether you’re going to move away from just theming ‘boring’ blog designs… I mean they’re all great work and all but to be honest… boring. Is this site in danger of becoming just another blog theme site? I hope not… As i’ve discussed before, blog designs are a dime a dozen especially now that 2.8 you can search within the admin!

    For me I want to see left of field designs – cms ones, DIFFERENT ones… i suggested a really cool one ages ago.

    I like the idea of theming a design with a specific plugin in mind

    • Anto

      Are you talking about the sidebar on the left and content on the right? If so, ive thought of designing a few of them, but your basic clean simple themes are content left, and sidebar right.

      but, if there is enough talk of left field sidebars, then i will start designing a few.

      How about color schemes for you? Would you like to see any other colors with this design? If you could be specific, like bg color? nav color, sidebar colors etc.. or gradients for that matter, then post your feedback.

      Its pretty much all about the feedback we get, then we can work on better styled themes etc..

  • cuteegirlee

    no no no… i’m not talking about any of that :) I’m saying that theming blog designs in general are boring. Everyone does them, an they bore the bejesus out of me. I wanna see CMS type themes, weird ones, CMS ones, different ones.

  • Sonny

    Hey Anto,

    I love this design, good work that I paid for link removal :)

    Anyways, how can one contact you to do custom designs


    • Anto


      Thanks, you’ve got my contact details. Get in touch with me if your wanting something in your own style.

  • Adam

    Just wanted to say I like your work and I chose your theme for my new website because it is clear, simple and easy to modify. Thanks for creating and sharing it!

  • Jaclyn Castro

    I like this theme. Thinking of using it for one of my blogs. How do I change the font to something more readable though? A font that is sans serif. Like the font in your comment responses.