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New Beginning – Say Hello to the New ThemeLab

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Hello and Welcome to the new ThemeLab.

ThemeLab was started in 2007 by Leland Fiegel with the aim to make it an authoritative source of WordPress themes. However due to time constraints and other personal obligations, Leland was unable to focus on the project.

In late 2013, my team acquired ThemeLab. Over the last 6 months, we have worked on revamping the site and strategy, so we can restore it’s position at the top like it deserves.

My name is Syed Balkhi, and I’m the founder of WPBeginner, List25, OptinMonster, and several other websites. Above all, I’m an avid WordPress fan.

As a WordPress user watching from the sidelines, I’ve noticed that themes have become extremely complex over the last several years. The race to add more features, more options, more shortcodes, and more of everything has led developers to lose sight of what’s more important: usability.

Beginners who are just starting out no longer find WordPress to be easy. A lot of this has to do with themes because that’s their first encounter. Having to go through 600 options just to get the theme to look like the demo is beyond silly.

Our mission is to solve this problem by creating WordPress themes that simply work. It’s a big task, but our team is ready for the challenge.

What’s happening to the Old Free Themes?

In the past, Leland released hundreds of free WordPress themes. In order to have this fresh start, we’ve retired all those themes. You will no longer be able to download them.

However, we certainly plan on releasing new free WordPress themes. Slipstream is just the beginning.

WordPress Tutorials

Aside from releasing free themes, Leland did a great job on sharing useful WordPress tutorials. We plan on updating the old ones and continue to add new useful tutorials. We’ll do our best to update as fast as we can, but we apologize for any outdated tutorials in advance.

I’m really excited for this new journey, and I welcome your support and feedback. I want to thank Leland for all his hard work and wish him all the best on his future endeavors.

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Syed Balkhi is an online marketer with design & development experience (Yup, that's a lethal combo). He's also the guy behind ThemeLab.

  • Sri Ganesh.M

    Congrats Syed

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    Syed, you continue to impress me. Congrats.

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    Congrats Syed. Hope this work out for you..

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    Congrats man!

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    Congrats Syed! Really glad to see it happening!

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    With experience from the project WPBeginner I believe you know that WordPress Users need in themes ;).

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    Congrats Syed!

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    Congrats Syed! Wish you all the best and appreciate your enthusiasm and love in the field of WordPress blogging